Maintenance break in LAMK services (AD/O365) on weeks 26 and 27 (24.6-7.7.2019)

Maintenance break affects LAMK students and staff.

Maintenance break affects Office365-cloud services and file shares (MACShare, L-directory, Z-directory). There can be shorter breaks in other services as well, but otherwise services like Reppu work normally.

For students the break mainly affects e-mail and other Office365-services.

Username, password and services

Username, password and e-mail address remains as before. Password can be changed or forgotten password activated in after the migration.

LUT password requirements

User actions

Staff members need to prepare for computer’s re-installation during summer 2019 and make backups of their own information.

O365 and workstation files that are automatically transferred:
  • E-mails
  • Calendar entries
  • OneDrive files
  • Teams files
  • Respa and Sharepoint files
  • Z-directory
  • L-directory (will be moved to K-directory)
User actions and backups (if necessary):
  • Remaking Skype links
  • Memos, discussions and planner from Teams
  • YAMMER IS EMPTYING AND NEW YAMMER IS COMING AFTER MAINTENANCE: Everything in Yammer (groups, members, messages)
  • OneDrive file shares
  • Relink OneDrive files in Reppu and teaching materials
  • Browser bookmarks
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