Wireless networks (WLAN)

LUT wireless network is only for workstations that are in LAB AD network (LAB owned devices). Staff workstations end up in staff network and student workstations in student network but the network name remains the same. LUT network can not be used with BYOD devices.

Eduroam wireless network is meant to be used with student and staff BYOD devices and you can sign in to network with your LAB email address as username and your LAB account’s password. Every eduroam user will end up in LAB BYOD/guest network.

Eduroam_legacy wireless network works the same than normal Eduroam, but it can be used with older devices that can not access to Eduroam wireless network.

Eduroam settings can also be applied as install package for various operating systems and devices. Install package can be downloaded from  cat.eduroam.org . Remember to choose your homeorganization as LAB-ammattikorkeakoulu / LAB University of Applied Sciences.

Wireless visitor network (WLAN)

There is also wireless visitor network in LAB. The name of this network is LUTGuest. When you join LUTGuest network, your device starts network browser automatically in login screen of visitor network. If you don’t have visitor account already, you can create new account by selecting “Or register for guest access” from beneath the login field. Account is valid for next 24 hours. When you have registered, you will get text message on your phone that contains your username and password for the visitor network.

NOTE, Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and MAC) doesn’t start web browser automatically so you have to open web browser manually and navigate to guest.lut.fi for registration.

Wired network (LAN)

Network detects automatically if your workstation is in LAB AD network. If your workstation is LAB staff laptop, then the workstation will be connected to LAB staff network and if your workstation is some other LAB workstation (e.g. classroom workstation), it will be connected to student network.

Your own devices will be connected to BYOD/guest network.

It is important to notice that staff laptops should not be borrowed to students because staff laptop has wider access to LAB internal resources and systems.

Therefore in M19 it does not matter which network socket you connect your workstation to, workstation will always be connected to same network. Only exception to this is in ICT Lab which is using lab network.

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