Tips for new students

LAMK account, password and email

Activate your LAMK account in You can authenticate with Finnish bank codesmobile signature or ID card

It takes about 15 minutes before the account activates and some features will work after couple of hours. More information about passwords can be found here.

Important systems for students

PEPPIpeppi.lamk.fiStudy information system. From Peppi you can enroll for courses and check how your studies are making progress etcUsername
RESPArespa.lamk.fiIntranet for internal communication and news. Important forms and materials regarding studies and workLAMK email
REPPUreppu.lamk.fiLAMK’s moodle page for course materials and tasksUsername services, Outlook, OneDrive, Yammer etc. Introduced hereLAMK email
LUKKARIKONElukkarit.lamk.fiTimetable programUsername
CURRICULUMopinto-opas.lamk.fiThe degree programme’s structure, intended progress and learning outcomes are described in the curriculum.No login needed
EDUROAMMore information hereNetwork for BYOD devicesLAMK email
JUMPINjumpin.lamk.fiAccount management. In Jumpin you can activate your account, change your password or reset your passwordAuthenticate with Finnish bank codes, mobile signature or finnish ID card.

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